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The Best Medical Oncology & Surgical Oncology Hospital in Pudukkottai

The Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology department at Muthu Meenakshi Hospitals is a one of its kind unit in the country with a team of specialists and the latest technological equipment coming together to provide best in class service for patients. The Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology department deals with the study and treatment of various kinds of cancer. The seriousness and survival rates of the disease make the treatment plan very critical for this condition. Highly qualified doctors and catching the disease early make a lot of difference in the survival rates of the patient.

Oncology deals with not just treatment but also prevention and diagnosis of cancer. A medical professional who practices oncology is called an oncologist. The word oncology is derived from Greek word onkos meaning mass. Cancer is the condition in which there is an abnormal cell growth which has the potential to spread to other parts of the body. This leads to formation of detectable masses that in turn can lead to blockages and organ failures.

The department of oncology also studies the various risk factors that increase the probability of occurrence of cancers and the risk of benign tumours becoming malignant and turning into cancer. There are a lot of lifestyle conditions that increase the risk of cancer – especially consumption of tobacco and alcohol. Obesity also increases the risk of cancer in people, while genetics can also play a role in determining the vulnerability of a patient to cancer.

There are 3 major treatments for cancer. They are as follows:

Medical Oncology: This is the use of medicine both oral and injected to control the growth of the cancerous cells. There are three kinds of treatment – chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapy. While chemotherapy focuses on destroying cancerous cells and trying to control their growth and development, immunotherapy focuses on boosting the body's natural defence systems to fight the tumour. Chemotherapy can and does often have side effects. This is because it acts on active cells – those that grow and divide into similar cells. The team at Muthu Meenakshi Hospitals deals with not only treatment but also effectively managing these effects.

Radiation Oncology : This is the use of radiation to kill the cancerous cells, typically x-rays are used. The treatment in typically targeted to try and reduce the harm to healthy surrounding cells.

Surgical Oncology: This deals with helping diagnose cancer by performing certain types of biopsies (collecting a small sample of the mass) and then in further treatment of the patient by removing the tumour and nearby tissue surgically. There is a team of brilliant surgeons at Medical Oncology and Surgical Oncology department in our hospital that treats patients and is supported by a team that provides excellent palliative care.

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