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Bronchoscopy Suite

The Bronchoscopy suite has the most modern equipment in a safe and convenient environment. We treat and diagnose lung disease. There are dedicated areas for patient preparation and performance of procedures. There is essential equipment required for patient monitoring and resuscitation. There are dedicated areas for disinfecting the bronchoscope and for storing the equipment.

A bronchoscopy is an endoscopic procedure using which the inside of the airway and lungs can be seen. A bronchoscope which is a narrow tube with a camera and a light on one end is inserted through the mouth or nose and pushed through the windpipe to see the inside of the respiratory system. It is done to diagnose a disease, such as an infection or lung cancer, or to treat a condition, such as an object stuck in the airways.

A person might require a visit to a bronchoscopy suite for one of two reasons – evaluation or treatment. You may need to undergo bronchoscopy if your doctor wants to assess the symptoms and other signs of something being wrong with the airways or lungs. Bronchoscopy can also be done to obtain a biopsy sample from an abnormal lung or airway tissue, and lymph nodes in the central chest located on the side of the airways. In bronchoscopy, access, and a direct view of the inside of the lungs and airways is available, allowing the doctor to perform treatments, such as removing mucus or fluid from airways, removing a foreign object from airways, dilating a blocked or narrow airway, and washing out an airway.

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