24 x 7 Ambulance

MuthuMeenakshi Hospitals has a fleet of ambulances to extend its reach across the city right in time delivering the highest level of patient care 24X7.

Our ambulances offer high tech equipment which include cardiac monitors, ventilators, infusion pumps, medications and telecommunication system.

Our emergency squad are well trained and equipped enough to handle issues therefore, the time spent on scene is optimum with utmost safety and precaution.

Our drivers are skilful and vigilant in minimizing the vibrations, sound and swing along the drive.

The carer attending the patient ensures appropriate first-hand treatment and are committed to save every second of their lives.

All ambulances are meticulously cared for and cleaned every day.

  • Critical Care
  • Emergency / Non-Emergency basic life support
  • Emergency / Non-Emergency advanced life support
  • Speciality care transport
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